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Speech to Text Using IBM Watson from Command Line

This is more like a personal notes for my reference. If it assists anyone it is a bonus.

Assumed that 

  • You have created an account on blue-mix
  • You have obtained the user-id and password (I will call them your_userid, your_password)
  • You have a speech file called speech.wav 
  • You desire to obtain the transcript in the file transcribed_speech.txt
  • You have installed curl on your machine
  • You are not behind a

Then from the command (long) line using curl 

curl -u your_userid:your_password -X POST --header "Content-Type: audio/wav" --header "Transfer-Encoding: chunked" --data-binary @speech.wav > transcribed_speech.txt

should create  the best according to watson speech to text engine transcription of the audio speech.wav in the file transcribed_speech.txt

if you are behind a firewall with p_user as the user-id and p_passwd is the password. Then the following should do the job!

curl --proxy -your_userid:your_password -X POST --header "Content-Type: audio/wav" --header "Transfer-Encoding: chunked" --data-binary @speech.wav > transcribed_speech.txt

Happy speech to text-ing :-) 
Sample very rudimentary perl script

Also: See how to similarly use Google ASR 


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